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Your Project Planning Routine

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Teams use routines to keep everyone in sync amongst the busy and ever-changing project. Aphex takes some of the burden of keeping everyone aligned to a routine while tracking its progress. Specifically, Aphex promotes and monitors the routine of updating and submitting weekly lookahead plans across the key workflows of Building, Readying, Publishing and Sharing plans. Teams can customise how Aphex tracks these routines within the project settings.

Import Frequency

Projects wanting to connect their lookahead plan to their master schedule can optionally do this by Importing and Distributing Data.

Setting an Import Frequency will trigger a reminder to the Project Admins when it's time to complete the next import.

By default this will be set to off.

Publication Frequency

Aphex ensures that your team's plans are ready to be Published on time.

Setting a publication target for your project will customise the way that Aphex communicates with everyone on the project and helps ensure that everyone is Ready on schedule.

By default this will be set to Friday afternoon at 5pm.

Lookahead Period

Setting your project's Lookahead Period will configure how Aphex guides your team to ready their plans. Teammates that own work will be notified about missing data and clashes within the Lookahead Period and assisted to resolve these before readying their plans.

In general, the selection of a lookahead period should balance your project's requirements for longer term planning (factors such as longer lead procurement or logistical constraints may determine this) with the increased weekly workload for those than plan work.

By Default this will be set to 4 weeks.

Publication Requirements

Setting your project's Publication Requirements involves selecting information that owners of work will need to complete before readying their plans. Once selected, Aphex will assist in driving completion of the required fields in each publishing cycle.

There are 7 fields that can mark as required and by default Package, Subcontractor, and Location and Work Area are required fields.

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