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Project Users and Permissions

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Rights to view and edit information within Aphex projects are controlled by each user's roles. All project users also have an Organisation role which may give them additional permissions to manage projects, users or analyse data but other than the Organisation Admin, all other users will require Project roles.

To see a project's users and their roles, head to the Users page from within a specific project. You can access your Project's Users from the Sidebar.

Project Roles

The roles available to users are;




  • View and access all project tasks, assets and data.
  • Comment on any tasks and view or share published Versions.


  • In addition to the permissions of Viewer, Editors can create and own tasks.
  • Editors that create tasks will be included in the process of readying and publishing plans.
  • Editors can only create, update or delete tasks that they are the Owner of and cannot delete any tasks that are completed to preserve critical data.
  • Editors can only create two project assets; Packages and Teams
  • Editors can also add users in the role of Editor or Viewer.


  • In addition to the permissions of Editor, Administrator can create, update or delete any tasks.
  • Administrators can create, update, archive and delete any project assets as well as the permissions of any users on the project.
  • Administrators oversee the project routine and are the only role that can set the project routine and publish plans.

Special Roles

In addition to the core project roles above, users can assign special permissions to facilitate sharing of control with other users. These special permissions are;




Each user can assign their manager as another project user. In additional to their core permissions, managers inherit the ability to update the Owner field of any tasks owned by their subordinates.

In practice, this allows Managers to reassign tasks from one subordinate to another or to themselves in order to edit them as owner.


Users temporarily taking leave or those needing to share ownership responsibilities with a back to back colleague can assign a Delegate. In addition to their core permissions, delegates inherit all the task editing permissions for tasks owned by the delegator.

Adding and Removing Users from a Project

Adding Users

Only project Editors and Administrators or Organisation Administrators can add users to a project. to add users, follow these steps

  1. Select Add User from the Users page
  2. Enter the user's email address
  3. Select the user (Users already active in the Organisation will appear in the name lookup) or enter their complete email address
  4. Select Send Invite

Removing Users

Only Project Administrators and Organisation administrators can remove users from projects. Users can be removed from the same Users page as above.

Removing a User from a project does not reassign any tasks owned by that user but it will remove the ability for any work to assigned to that user and will mean the user can no longer access the project. Project Administrators can select to reassign any work to other active users.

Removing a user from a project does not impact the permissions of that user on any other projects in the organisation or any other organisations. To fully remove a user's right to access any data within your Organisation please see here.

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