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Publications and Versions of Projects

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On Aphex, plans are published to create versions that can be stored, compared against and shared with project stakeholders. Project Admins can configure a project's Publication Frequency and Publication Requirements to control how frequently plans are published and to what level of detail. A project's Lookahead Period can also be configured to determine the date-range of each publication.

You can access your Project Publications from your Left-hand App Menu.

Tracking Progress of the Next Scheduled Publication

Here you'll find your Next Scheduled Publication, and can understand the status of the team's individual plans within this publication: who has readied their plans, when plans have been readied, and any issues - Physical Clashes and Missing Fields.

Viewing Historical Project Publications

You'll also find a list of Previous Publications on the project, select to view a record of the team's individual plans within each historical publication, or to navigate to a historical publication.

You can also navigate to a published version from the Published Version History section of your Project Drop-down Menu in the top-left of your Aphex Planner project.

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Sharing Plans with Your Team

Receiving Shared Plans