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As an Editor, you can use Packages to organise tasks in your project and set a consistent structure that makes sense to you. These may well be set as a required field, and also play a role in importing & distributing work too.

If you're a Project Admin you can also control how work is structured using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), a hierarchy that all of the tasks in your plan sit within, particularly if your project is importing.

What are Packages?
Packages offer a custom way of organising work, and anyone can create packages or use existing ones. Put really simply Packages are how you probably talk about the work out on site, and help you drill down to a simple, clear plan in Aphex.

Creating Packages

As an Editor, you have two methods to create Packages for your project:

  1. You can access your project's Packages by opening the sidebar and heading to the 'Structure' page under 'Project Assets'. Here you can view Packages across the project & create new ones.
  2. Adding and creating Packages straight from the gantt is a real time saver.
Packages are unique to users. If you create and assign packages to tasks, and then re-distribute these tasks to new users, the packages will be cleared and the new user responsible will be able to create & assign their own.

Editing & Deleting Packages

You can access your project's Packages by opening the sidebar and heading to the 'Structure' page under 'Project Assets'.

Here you can view Packages across the project, create new packages and edit your existing packages. Any member in the team as an Editor can create and delete their own packages.

Once created, you can chose to share your package with other team members to suit. Maybe you are back to back on the night shift, or working closely together on structures.

Using Packages in combination with relevant teams really makes the part of the plan you're looking at clear, simple and easy to update or review!

Assigning Packages

Once you're happy with your packages, it's quick and easy to assign packages to tasks in your plan using the column picker in the gantt page.

The list you can choose from will be populated with packages that you, or anyone else on the project has created. This lets you organise the work you're looking at.

You will see a unique package code appear, alongside the custom name you have created for the package too:


Admins and Packages

Project Admins can re-order, re-name and delete any packages across the entire project. This helps to keep the number of packages at a reasonable total, and lets you remove any duplicates.

Importing and Packages

For projects importing work directly from a master schedule, part of this process sees tasks land in the Unassigned tab of Project Data, where it gets shared to the relevant users.

As an Editor, you will see when work has been moved to your Backlog, and you will need to assign packages here in order to bring these tasks into the live plan. Read all about this process in our Importing & Distribution article.

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