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Your User profile is your identity in Aphex. It helps you communicate with your team, holds you accountable to the plans and, determines your level of access and control. Needless to say it's kinda important.

Access and Control

Only you can control your User profile and settings. No matter which Projects or Organisations you belong to, your Profile exists independently and separately.

To manage your User Profile and Settings, access the User Settings menu from the bottom of the Sidebar.

Profile Information

Your Profile stores information that helps make you unique and secure. Because of this, these fields are strongly recommended to be completed;

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Phone Number
  4. Job Title
  5. Colour and Avatar


Authentication can be a complicated subject so lets try and break it down. In a nutshell, authentication is how Aphex knows that you are you. There are lots of ways that other people can pretend to be you and do all sorts of nefarious and dastardly things and Aphex protects you against these without you seeing or knowing.

Unique Identity

In Aphex, your email address is your unique identity. So, if you sign up with a new email address you will not have access to projects and tasks that you could with the original one. This is particularly important for Users with multiple emails and alias' from JV projects etc.

Authentication Methods

Aphex supports two forms of Authentication;

  1. Email and Password: This is the normal type of access control that you would be used to. We strongly recommend using a password greater than 10 characters containing numbers, letters (upper and lower case) and symbols. Even better, try a password manager like Keeper.
  2. Microsoft or Google: Authenticating via Microsoft or Google is an easy way to access Aphex in a secure way. When you authenticate via a 3rd party, Aphex will receive your basic profile information such as name, avatar and email address, and instead of remembering a password for Aphex, your existing Microsoft or Google will validate your identity to us.

Users can have multiple authentications methods linked to the same unique email address and if you forget which one you used it doesn't matter, Aphex will work it out.

Need help getting access? No problem, just reset your password.

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Resetting Your Password