Track and Analyse Performance

Project Insight

It's important that everyone understands how the team is performing and where improvements can be made. The Project Insight dashboard is your go-to dashboard for simple, on-demand insight. Project In…

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Performance Analysis with Aphex Insight

Understanding performance is what it's all about... right? Aphex Insight is where you can access all the powerful performance data that is being captured by the teams and projects within your organis…

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Sharing Aphex Insight Reports

It's super important that you can share performance insight with the wider team to drive improvement. Aphex insight can be shared in two ways; By adding users to Aphex Insight. Organisation Admins ca…

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Aphex Data API

Overview. Teams using Aphex generate vast amounts of data that would normally get wiped off whiteboards or stored in spreadsheets, never seeing the light of day. The Aphex Data API is designed to hel…

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