Getting Started

Onboarding & Support

At Aphex, we're on a mission to change the way teams plan and communicate work. To help ensure your success, we provide full support and onboarding to every project, regardless of the pricing plan (O…

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Getting Started for Delivery Teams

High-level summary of workflows and value proposition for Ed [Welcome to Aphex Video Seried: Getting Started for Delivery Teams] Link to Getting Started: Project Setup (if you're user #1) Building Pl…

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Project Setup Guide

You've just found the secret to putting yourself back in the driver's seat of your project's planning routines. In this article we'll cover how to get started with some simple workflows on Aphex for…

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Navigating Aphex

Aphex Home Screen. When you log in to Aphex, you will land in the home screen. From here you can take a few actions: Organisation Menu - Navigate to the correct Organisation from the left hand side o…

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