Printing Plans

Printable A3-optimised PDF documents of your Gantt or visual Maps can be generated from both your live plan or from a Published Version.

How to Print Your Plan

Step 1: Navigate to the Plan you'd like to share

First, navigate to the plan you'd like to share. This might be your project's live plan or a published version of it.

Both options can be accessed by clicking on the share button on the top-right of the page. Select 'Print Gantt' or 'Print Map' to print the live plan, or choose the published version you want to open and then selecting the blue open box next to it.

Step 2: Configure the information you'd like to share

Use your Filters to drill-down to the part of your plan you'd like to share, perhaps you're generating an output for the supply chain and only need work assigned to a Subcontractor.

You can use the Column Picker to view the Columns of information you'd like visible on your PDF output.

Step 3: Customise your output

When you're ready to print your plan, hit the Share button in the top-right of your plan when viewing a published version. Here you'll find the options to print the Gantt or Map.

Each print option gives you the option to select the time range you want to have in your generated PDF, choosing the specific start and finish dates for you print out.

Aphex will automatically include the structure, overlays and columns you've set prior to printing, so always check you've got your gantt set up as you like before going ahead.

Printing your Maps works in a similar way to printing the Gantt, however you have the ability to choose the specific area of the Map you'd like, so you can zone in on areas particular to the teams the print out is meant for.

You can choose the sequence, with a choice between day, week or month, showing the work areas on the map by each period of time.

Just set the date range you'd like, and now you're ready to print!

Step 4: Finalise your output

The final step is to generate the PDF using the button in the bottom-right of the Print Modal.

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