How to assign information

Assigning Packages and WBS

Assigning Shifts and Calendars

Assigning Locations and Work Areas

Assigning Resources

How to assign information to tasks

There are three main ways to add information to your tasks:

Using the Gantt Columns

Gantt Columns are the quickest way to see and edit task information, especially if you want to make changes in bulk:

  • Open the column picker by clicking the table icon

  • Select the relevant set of columns

  • Click outside of the column picker to close the window

  • Click into a cell to make changes

💡Use keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste cell information

Using the Task Modal

The Task Modal is the easiest way to see and add information to a task in isolation:

  • Select the task on the Gantt

  • Hit 'Space' on your keyboard

  • Click on any of the properties to make changes

Using the Inspect Panel

The Inspect Panel is the best way to see and add information to a single task, while still being able to view the Gantt:

  • Locate the task bar on the Gantt

  • Double-click the bar

Assigning Packages and WBS

Assigning a Package or Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to your task allows you to view your work in these structures:

Gantt Columns

  • Open the column picker

  • Select Package or WBS

  • Click into the cell and choose the relevant option

Gantt Table

  • Set your Gantt view to match the structure you want to plan in

  • Turn off 'Hide Empty Structures' in the Grouping Menu to see all available headers

  • Click 'Add Task' underneath the relevant heading

Assigning Shifts and Calendars

Each task has a Calendar that determines its working and non-working days, and a Shift that determines daily working hours.

By default, Tasks will start with your Project's Calendar and Day Shift assigned. You can edit both:

Gantt Columns

  • Open the column picker

  • Select 'Calendar' and 'Shift'

  • Click into the cell and choose the relevant option

Inspect Panel or Modal

  • Open the task

  • Locate 'Calendar' or 'Shift' on the left-hand side

  • Click into the property and choose the relevant option

Non-working days are indicated in darker cells on your Gantt Canvas and a lighter colour on your Task Bars.

Assigning Locations and Work Areas

Assigning Locations to Tasks and drawing Work Areas allows you to visualise work on the Maps page and detect Clashes.

Assigning a Location

  • Open the column picker

  • Select 'Location'

  • Click into the cell and select the relevant Location

Assigning a Work Area

Once you've assigned a Location, you can draw over the map to mark up a Work Area:

  • Open the column picker

  • Select 'Work Area'

  • Double click the cell

  • Select the Pen Drawing Tool

  • Mark up your Work Area

  • Close the window by clicking out of the window

You can zoom in and out of the image by scrolling with your mouse and can click and drag to move around the image.

Assigning Resources

Resource Types

There are four types of resources you can assign to a task:





Each project will have a customised list for each resource type, created by the project admins.

How to assign resources

Resources can be assigned from the Gantt columns, Inspect Panel and Task Modal. You can assign multiple options for a single resource type to your task.

Assigning from Gantt Columns:

  • Open the column picker

  • Toggle on the Resources set, or an individual resource type

  • Click into a cell

  • Select the relevant option(s)

How to adjust resources quantities

Once you've assigned a material, labour or plant to a task, you can adjust the quantity:

  • Select the relevant resource cell

  • Use the + and - buttons, or input the correct number

How to log material actuals

If you've assigned a material to your task, you can record the actual quantity utilised as the work progresses:

  • Open the task (right-click 'View Details')

  • Scroll to the Resource section

  • Expand the material

  • Click the 'Log Actual' button

  • Choose the date

  • Input the quantity

  • Click '' to save

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