In Aphex, your project's data exists in one of 4 states, from data that's been imported and yet to be assigned to a user to work that's been completed by teams out on-site. Project Data is where you can find all data on your project in one of the 4 categories: Unassigned, Backlog, Planned and Complete.

Planners can come here to assign newly Imported Unassigned work to the team. Once assigned, and Engineer can find work in their Backlog that's ready to be structured and brought into their Workspace.

You can navigate to Project Data from the left-hand Sidebar that's accessible by clicking on the Aphex icon in the top-left of your project.


1. Project Data Sections

The different sections for data that is in different states on a Project, ranging from unassigned data to data that has been planned or completed.

2. Filters

Allow you to filter the information in the Data Table using 4 parameters.

3. Data Table

A list of the Tasks within each section of Project Data. Tasks in the Unassigned data section will have Task Fields that can be detailed before being assigned to users.

4. Other Actions

Gives you the option to delete selected Tasks from the data Table.

5. Assign Tasks to Users

Moves any Tasks assigned to a user over to their respective Backlogs.

6. View Gantt

Transports you to the Gantt page.


1. Package Field

Assigns a Package to the Tasks in a user's Backlog, which must be done before the Tasks can be moved to the Gantt.

2. Add Tasks to Plan

Moves any Tasks with a Package assigned over to the Gantt.

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