Prepare Your Master Schedule

Export Your Master Schedule

Prepare Your Master Schedule

While many projects choose not to edit their master schedule before an import, sometimes, projects require the flexibility to edit data to accommodate their ideal planning process.

The steps below are completely optional and can be used to map your project needs to Aphex.

Optional Step 1: Create a Custom Filter


Some projects have master schedules that contain data that doesn't need to be imported into the short-term plan (e.g. procurement activities). A master schedule may also contain plans for multiple Aphex projects.

You can use the Custom Filter to control exactly what data you want to import into Aphex.


  1. In your master schedule, create a user defined field (you might want to name this something straightforward: Aphex Filter)

  2. In this user defined field, assigned consistent values against the activities you would like to be grouped into import batches (this could simply be "Yes" or "Project 1", "Project 2", "Project 3")

Optional Step 2: Enrich Your Master Schedule with Data


Your master schedule might already contain attributes of data that you'd like to see linked to activities in your lookahead such as the name of a Subcontractor or Location. Assigning these from your master schedule can also reduce the workload for deliver teams (most projects encourage their delivery teams to do this in Aphex though!).

You can also enrich work with the email address of the owner of the work to automatically assign ownership of imported work to the team member responsible for it. This will also mean that accountability of work exists across both your lookahead and master schedule.


  1. In your master schedule create user defined fields for each of the attributes (i.e. Subcontractor, Location and Owner) you wish to pre-populate.

  2. Name each user defined field something memorable like "Aphex Subcontractor".

  3. In the Subcontractor user defined field insert the name of the activity's subcontractor - this should be consistent with the name of the subcontractor on your Aphex project (if not, Aphex will create a new one).

  4. In the Location user defined field insert the name of the activity's location - this should also be consistent with the name of the location on your Planner project (if not, Aphex will create a new one).

  5. In the Owner user defined field insert the email address of the activity's owner - do check this matches the email address of the team member on Aphex, if not Aphex will invite the user to the project.

Export Your Master Schedule

Exporting data from your from a master schedule tool is usually straight forward. Our supported tools each publish step by step guides to exporting data:

Useful Tips

  • Use the XML file format as this format is open and can be shared. Specifically, select XML MS Project or P6 formats from all of these tools.

  • Some tools cannot export filtered data. If you want only some of your schedule imported, don't worry, we handle that.

  • Export seem to be stuck for hours or some export options not available? It's possible that your enterprise has some permission limitation on these actions.

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