Whether you need to print, download, or interactively share the plan you need to head to Publications from the Aphex Sidebar. There are three steps in sharing out or downloading project data:

1. Check if the plan has been Published

a) If there is no published version, or only an old version you can reach out to your Project Admin to Publish you project.

b) Or, you can wait until the scheduled publication deadline, for a version that's accurate, robust and signed off by the whole team.

2. Click into the Published Version and hit the blue 'view version' button to open the frozen Publication in a new tab.

3. Use your Workspace Controls if you'd like to export a custom data set.

4. Hit the big blue share button in the top right of the screen and choose how you want to get the updates to everyone that needs to see them!

The fifth tab on the Sharing plans window lets you download rich data about your project, ready to be opened in excel where you can pivot or v-look up to your heart's content.

Chose between downloading the filtered, controlled slice of your plan if you have configured a set amount. Or, download everything in the plan.

You will receive a zipped file containing two CSVs:

  1. Delay Export

  2. Task Export

The former provides insight into delay information and performance data in the project, with the second lifting all information for the tasks into an easy to aggregate and analyse format.

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