Creating an Organisation

Deleting an Organisation

Just like how we like to keep things simple in Planner, we believe that managing your Organisation should be as hassle-free as possible. Aphex Admin allows you to keep tabs on all Projects and Users, whilst giving you the ability to maintain consistency of data universally through the use of Organisation Assets.

Just like with Planner, Organisation Admins have the ability to make any changes necessary to the organisation, from creation of new projects, to the management of user roles, giving team members access to Aphex Insight.

Creating An Organisation

Your First Organisation

When accessing Aphex for the first time, after completing your profile, you'll be asked to create an organisation. This organisation is where all projects you create will live and forms the basis of what you'll be managing in Aphex Admin.

Creating additional Organisations

Adding additional Organisations can be done from your homepage. To the left of the page, you'll find any and all Organisations you've created are have been added into. Add a new organisation by clicking 'Create New Organisation' at the bottom of the list of Organisations. This will take you to name your new Organisation before creating a project to sit within it.

Organisation Defaults

Once created your Organisation will pre-populate with some default information within it:

  1. The Organisation Owner; set as the user that created the Organisation.

  2. The Subscription Plan; set to the free Starter plan.

  3. The Organisation's Projects; will be blank save for any project created on sign-up.

  4. No users with the exception of the Organisation Owner.

  5. The default list of Project Assets.

Deleting an Organisation

Removing an Organisation from Aphex is a serious decision to make, as all Projects, Tasks and Assets within that Organisation get irrevocably deleted, with no means of recovery. Only Organisation Admins have the ability to do so with the only point for deleting the organisation being with Organisation Info.

At the bottom of the page you'll find the option to 'Obliterate Organisation (you read that right), which you'll then need to confirm by typing DESTROY in the pop-out menu that appears.

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