Marking Key Tasks

Tracking Key Tasks

If you have important work or milestones within your lookahead plan, you can mark these as Key Tasks in Aphex - this is visualised on the Gantt by an addition of a gold star icon next to the Task.

Marking Key Tasks

Marking a Task as a Key Task can help you keep track of vital activities, and with just a quick glance, allows your entire team to stay on top of important work.

To set work you own as a Key Task:

  1. Open the Inspect Panel by double-clicking the Task Bar on the Gantt

  2. Navigate to the top right of the 'Title section' within the Task Inspect Panel

  3. Select the grey star button to transform into a gold star

If a Task has been broken down into Subtasks, any of the Subtasks can then be set as Key Tasks.

Tracking Key Tasks

For even more visibility you can highlight short-term critical paths to your Key Tasks on your Gantt using the Pathways Overlay, accessible from the Overlay Menu in the bottom-right of your plan.

When active, your Key Task Bar and other Tasks along its critical path will be highlighted in gold. Any non-critical Task Bars are indicated in blue. Any float within the sequence is indicated in a count of working days to the right of your Task Bar.

To set the Pathway Overlay:

  1. Navigate to the Overlay menu by clicking the Eyeball icon on the bottom right of the Gantt

  2. Select 'Pathways'

With Aphex Insight, you also have access to detailed reporting on the performance of your Key Tasks. Using the Variance Report you can understand movement of your Key Task Dates, and variance from any two points in time on your project.

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