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In Aphex plans are built on your project's Gantt where you're always connected to your team with full visibility of work and real-time updates. Your part of the plan can be viewed by using your Personal Spaces.

Here, you can customise your view of the work that's most important to you - work you own that you are responsible for, or work impacting yours or around you on-site.

Space Selector

You can change from viewing work in your Personal Spaces to work owned by custom Teams, or All work on the project using your Space Selector above the Gantt.

Personal Spaces

The personal Spaces you can toggle between are:

Owned Tasks

Tasks owned by you

Assigned Tasks

Tasks you've been assigned

My Tasks

Tasks you own and Tasks you've been assigned

All Tasks

All Tasks in the Project

Team Spaces

Control what Teams appear in your Space selector by pinning (or unpinning) a Team from the Teams Page.

Any Team you are a member of will be included in your Team Space by default.

Date Range

Your visible Date Range can be configured from the top-right of your plan. This will default to your project's Lookahead Period configured in Project Settings, but can easily be customised or expanded to view All Future Tasks.

Default Sorting

All work in Aphex is sorted consistently, Subtasks in Tasks and Tasks in a Package or Work Breakdown Structure have a sort order that's defined by three layers:

  1. Firstly by Start Date

  2. Then by Duration

  3. And finally Alpha-numerically

When you're making changes, the sort order is reapplied once you refresh your page, or by clicking the Tidy Up button in the top-right of your plan.

Custom Package Sorting

For more flexibility on how you view your plan, you can use drag and drop to re-order Packages on the Gantt.

You can use this method for your Personal Spaces, and for any Team Spaces you are a member of. Any change you make to the order will update the sort order for the entire Project.

💡 Tip: To re-order or create custom groups of work we'd recommend using your Work Breakdown Structure or Packages!


There are two structures teams primarily use to group work on Aphex, Work Breakdown Structure and Packages.

You can use the Structure Selector to choose the grouping, and also the sub-grouping, separately.










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