The Insight Reports




Aphex Insight is our automatic reporting and analytics app containing a curated collection of dashboards.

We know manually creating and maintaining sheets to track and analyse performance can be a laborious and consuming part of the planning process. Drawing from multiple different sources, all with varied formatting and inconsistent information means updating these takes far too long. Construction sites move fast - you need a proactive tool that can keep up.

Pre-built and ready when you are - providing all contributing users access to instant reporting and real time performance inside one project, between multiple projects, or across your entire Organisation.

Anyone who builds plans (a Standard Member) has the potential to understand their Project's performance, while Organisation Admins and Analysts can harness and review the entire dataset across all Projects, Org wide. All in the same place.

By the simple process of teams updating plans as things on site change throughout the week, Insight automatically captures every instance of delay as it happens, why it happened, and who logged it.

The Insight Reports

The five real-time dashboards alert teams to problems as they occur, identify key performance drivers and help visualise the scale of impact over time. It's an automatic tool to highlight all areas of concern, with digestible data to inform project decision making and performance management:

  • Production Control

  • Variance

  • Labour & Plant

  • Materials

  • Task Status

Accessing Aphex Insight

Insight can be launched from the Aphex Homepage by selecting the 'Insight' button from the list of available apps. You can also switch over to the Insight app straight from the Planner app by opening the 'Other Apps' menu from the Sidebar.

Who has permission?

We understand it often won't make sense for every user to have unlimited access to information from all projects across your wider Org.

Organisation Admins can determine and control how much data any user has access to analyse by setting their Organisation Role. The matrix below shows what information will be available for a user to analyse, depending on their Org Role and what Projects they've been added to:

Projects I have a role on

All Projects in my Org

Limited Member



Standard Member




Sharing Insight Reports

Between the team

To keep things simple, teams can just share the very same live URL that appears when viewing the report in-App, with other users on their Project. The magic? Any filters you have added are also passed through the same link - the user will be taken directly to the specific report with the exact filters you had applied. Just click the blue 'Share' button to copy the URL.

As plans continue to be updated and the performance record continues to grow, the live URL won't ever change. If a user opens Insight from a link they've been shared in the past, all the interactive dashboards (and every report) will automatically contain the most up-to-date information, regardless of when the link may have first been shared.

If you are a Limited Member, or don't have a role on a project contained inside a shared Insight report, you will not have permission to analyse the information. Any user can be added to a project with an Org Role of Standard Member (or higher) and they'll immediately be able to view the live Insight reporting.


To share an individual report with a viewer who you don't wish to add to your Project, or to take a capture of a single chart for your own records, you can click the camera icon found in the top right of each report.

This will download a PNG image with the report configured exactly as you've set it. PS - we've heard taking a screenshot of the page is just as fast 😏

Exporting from Insight

CSV Download

If you'd prefer to download the raw performance data powering a report, simply configure each chart with any filters, specific timeframe or Resource selection and click 'View Tasks in Range. From here, hit the blue 'Download' button to generate a CSV Export of the visible information. Easy!


With the Pro Plan, your team also has access to hook up PowerBI to your Aphex Project. This will feed all the data from your project's most recent publications directly to Power BI. Here's more!

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