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What is Aphex Field?

Aphex Field is a personalised daily work plan that instantly connects teams in the office building plans to the teams on-site delivering work. Aphex Field communicates key information in your short-term plan to your team on-site and empowers Site Foremen and Site Engineers to play a pivotal role in tracking issues and recording performance.

Featuring daily Tasklists, interactive Maps, and an Activity Feed automatically updated from Aphex Planner - Aphex Field provides a complete platform for Site Teams to get their job done and quickly record what actually happened, without having to mess around with the rest.

Accessing Aphex Field

Most commonly, Aphex Field is used by Site Foremen and Site Engineers - by default these users are Limited Org members and are invited to a Project with the role of 'Field Reporter'.

Anyone who has been invited to your Aphex project will have access to the Field App, but will need to have activities Assigned to them to have visibility of the work.

What can you do with Aphex Field?

Field for Site Teams

Foremen and Site Engineers can use Aphex Field:

  • To keep a step ahead of work they're responsible to deliver with their Tasklist - work broken down on a day by day basis.

  • To access notes, comments, and any direct @mentions from the team.

  • To request, access or download any relevant documents or paperwork that may be required.

  • To use the Map to discover where their specific work is occurring, and also what's happening around them.

  • To track how their work is progressing - as Tasks begin, Site Teams record how things went that day, the core reason for any delays, and if any time adjustments are needed as a result.

Field for Planners and Engineers

Engineers and Planners are responsible for distributing work to Field Reporters. As plans are created, they can simply add users as Assignees to entire Packages, or individual Tasks, via the Aphex Planner app. Once the team has been Assigned, any new work created inside the Package continually populates the Field Reporter's daily Tasklist. Any changes made to work in Aphex Planner are automatically updated on the same piece of work in Field.

If another member of the team needs to be added to Aphex, any existing user has the ability to invite them (from Field, Planner or the Admin app).

Getting around Aphex Field


1 - Choose a specific Project

2 - Weather forecast

3 - Count of today's Tasks

4 - Tasks that need Statusing

5 - Recent comments I've been mentioned in

6 - Record a status event

7 - Filter


1 - Choose a specific Project

2 - Switch between days

3 - Filter tasks

4 - What stage each task is at

5 - Return to today's Tasklit

6 - Task name

7 - Package code

8 - Package name

9 - Record a Status



1 - Choose a specific Project

2 - Search Location titles

3 - Quick access to Recently Viewed Locations

4 - Location

5 - Locations sectioned by Project

Map page

1 - Location Name, Project Name

2 - Date picker

3 - Jump to view Today's work

4 - Filter visible Tasks

5 - Specific Work Area for a Task

6 - Snapshot of Task

7 - Toggle on/off the ability to see other's Tasks

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