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Task Details

Communicating With My Team

Aphex Field automatically generates a personalised daily work plan for you - from the moment you access Aphex, your plan will be set up, ready, and waiting for you!

Heading to 'My Tasklist' from the left-hand Sidebar will instantly show you exactly what needs to happen today, tomorrow (or Monday next week) and display all the relevant information you need to get your job done.

Getting Today's Tasks

Your Tasks will automatically appear in your daily work plan - there's no extra computer work required! Through the simple process of Engineers and Planners Assigning Packages of work, or individual Tasks, your Tasklist will be updated with your work from the short-term plan.

Pulled straight from the wider team's Lookahead in Aphex Planner, your Tasklist in Field will show just the slices of work you're responsible for, broken down on a day by day basis.

To save time, your work plan will open straight to today's work. See your activities grouped by: Tasks starting today, Tasks that are already in progress and Tasks due to end.

To get an understanding of what's coming next, you can also use the 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons to move between days - see your work displayed in the same layout for any date in the future, or any date in the past.

Package Details

You may be Assigned to an entire Package of work. Packages are how Engineers group work to represent something that's being delivered on site - for example 'Bridge 1' or 'Level 7 Fitout'.

If you've been assigned to a Package, every Task that sits inside the Package will automatically appear in your work plan.

Tasks Details

You can open any Task to see a detailed view of what's been planned, to find information on related Tasks, and to access supporting documentation.

Tasks can be loaded with many different details. To breakdown a few sections of interest to Field Reporters:

The Team

Know who is responsible for getting this work done.


Clearly understand where work is happening on-site.

Extra Attachments

Easy access to key documentation to deliver the work, like a Method Statement.

Status Record

Understand how work is progressing.


The Labour, Plant and Materials required on-site to get the work done.

Communicating with My Team

On a daily basis, the requirements you're building to change, the people you're working with change, and the list of activities you're delivering keeps growing - that PDF you printed at the start of the week can't keep up.

Inside Aphex Field, you can comment on work, tag your teammates and even share documents and images. All linked right back to a specific piece of work, updated immediately to the Task in the short-term plan, and accessible by any user, at any time.


To add extra information, communicate around specific issues or request clarification and documentation, you can leave comments on individual Tasks. If the details are related to a group of activities, you can leave comments on the overall Package of work too.

You can tag a specific user in your comment by typing '@' followed by their name. Not only will this send them a notification with the content of your message, they'll also be taken to the exact activity you've left the comment on. If another user mentions you in a comment, you'll be notified and the details will also show under 'Recent Activity' in your Dashboard.

You'll find a record of every comment left at the bottom of the Task or Package page.

Comments can be a speedy way to share specific information, ask questions or raise issues, with the added security of knowing you're not making any accidental or unnecessary changes to the work itself.


As part of getting the job done, you may need permits, want to share site images or access other relevant paperwork for activities in your work plan.

In Aphex, users can upload documents, files or images to work. These can be added to individual Tasks, or if the document is in relation to an overall collection of activities, attachments can be uploaded to the entire Package - resulting in each Task inside the Package having a copy of the document too.

To add a Document:

  1. Open the Task or Package

  2. Select the '+' Icon

  3. Upload your file

Once uploaded, each attachment can be viewed or downloaded by any user on the Project.


Anyone with access to work can see notes. Used mainly for adding extra information that doesn't isn't covered by the pre-set options.

🚀 Bonus - Field Reporters on an Aphex Pro Subscription can add their own notes and documents to shared work.

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