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Keeping on top of what actually happened compared to what was planned is one of the trickiest parts of any project. With Aphex Pro, you unlock the premium ability to log delays and improvements straight from your Field app.

As work wraps up, you can hit your Tasks with a 👍 or 👎, quickly choose the root of any slippage, and if you'll need any more time to get things done.

The upshot? Everyone can see and understand delays as they happen - your entire plan becomes more accurate, more realistic and more robust. Never miss a thing.

Understanding Statuses

Overall Status

As your work begins, it will automatically move from the Status of Planned, to In Progress, and finally, Completed. To the top-right of your Task you'll find a record of all the Status Events.

Inside the overall Package an activity belongs to, you'll also find a snapshot showing the current Status of all Tasks in the Package.

Daily updates: Status Events

All of your Tasks have a historical record of how work has progressed so far, broken down on a day by day basis.

Each day, you (or anyone else collaborating on a Task) can update it with a Status Event indicating if things are still on track. The Delay Reason is recorded, and any extra time is added (or removed) to the planned duration.

The details of each update (positive/negative, the user who logged it, the impact in days, and the delay reason) are listed beside the relevant working day.

All Status Events can bee see by anyone on the Project, and will appear across the three main Aphex Apps - Field, Planner, and Insight.

Recording a Status

We know you're busy, so we've made Statusing as simple and speedy as possible. You can log an update in as little as just one click! Here are two easy ways to track progress in Field:

Status from Thumbs

A quick way to record a Status is to use the 👍 or 👎 buttons next to each Task in your daily workplan, or Recent Activity section.

If work went ahead as expected, selecting the Thumbs Up records a Status of 'On Schedule'. If work didn't go as expected, selecting the Thumbs Down prompts you to select from:

  • Task not Started

  • Need More Time

Then, just indicate how many extra days are needed and choose a root cause from your Project's custom list of delay reasons. All done!

Status from Task page

A Status can also be recorded at anytime from the Task page using the 'Add Status' button. This can be useful if you need to log a Status for days in the past, as you have the option to select a specific working day to update.

You'll then choose from a range of the options below, before hitting a delay reason, and making any time adjustments:

  • Task not Started

  • Need More Time

  • On Schedule

  • Task Completed

Editing or Deleting a Status

To delete a Status from the Task page, hit the '...' (more options) button and select 'Delete'. Alternatively, clicking a coloured Thumb from your Tasklist or Dashboard will remove the Status.

Removing a Status will also remove any associated days of delay or improvement. Once deleted, a new Status is then able to be logged.

What Happens Next

Time adjustments

If work will take longer to complete, the end date of the Task will automatically be extended by the amount of extra days you need. If things finish up sooner than expected, the Task's end date will be moved forward.

To see the net impact of all delays and improvements, open the Task page to find the -days or +days beside the overall Status.

These changes will directly impact your upcoming daily workplan and will also update the same Task with the specific delay (or improvement) inside Aphex Planner. This allows the Engineers, Planners and Managers in your team to make well-informed strategic decisions and pin point the leading causes of delay.

Real-time performance data

Every Status (logged by anyone in the team) powers the User Statusing report for users with access (Org role dependant) to Aphex Insight - this is usually monitored by managers to help illustrate who's keeping track of progress and who isn't.


The ability to record a Status using Field is exclusively available to teams on an Aphex Professional or Enterprise Subscription. Teams on our Free Forever Starter Subscription can view all Statuses but cannot add or delete their own from Field.

Want to learn more about your current Subscription, or keen to find out about upgrading to Pro? Head here.

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