If you're an Engineer using Aphex for the first time, this guide is for you. We'll cover training, building, and updating your first plan.

Before you read on, make sure you've created your Aphex account and joined your company's Organisation. If you haven't yet received an invitation email, you can ask your team to add you.

Basic Training

Every new Engineer's very first step is to check out Basic Training on the Aphex Academy. This short (20mins), self paced video guide covers the fundamentals of building and updating plans inside Aphex Planner.

If your team has set up a Sandpit Test Project, you can use this environment to create a dummy plan to help get the hang of things.

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Engineers Basic Training

Managers may be provided with a record of your completion.

Top Down

If your team is running Top Down, the Planner will assign you imported work from the Master Schedule. In this case, you'll need to pull the Tasks from your Backlog onto the live Gantt before you can start planning.

Here's the course: Planning with Imported work using your Backlog

Next, it's time to put your new skills to good use and create your first plan in your real Project.

The other Engineers in your team will also be building and readying their own work in time for the Publication target.

The final step is to update your plans to represent how things actually went on site.

As your work commences, you can drag your Task bars to extend, shorten or move your work.

You'll be prompted to confirm the day the delay occurred, and then to select the appropriate delay reason.

Bonus: if you've assigned a site engineer or supervisor to your work, they may have already updated the Task with the relevant Status - in which case, you wouldn't need to lift a finger!

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