Changes to the WBS

December 2023

TL;DR: WBS is now Folders Don't panic! Everything you could do with WBS you can still do with Folders, plus:

  • Simpler management and viewing controls

  • More flexible permissions

  • Easier sub-level creation

  • Increased grouping & export options

Read on to discover all the changes & what this means for your team. Plus, scroll down for an interactive Folders preview.

WBS has transformed into Folders, bringing you the most flexible & universal way to arrange all your project tasks.

Everyone can create infinite subfolders to group tasks as you go. No limits, no interruption. Plus, quick & easy controls to edit and move multiple folders at once.

Protect specific Folders from being edited & moved, and grant folder-creating permission to anyone who needs it (Admins & Standard Users alike).

Preview the Folders Changes:

What do I need to do?

  • Your Project's WBS will automatically be migrated to Folders. No action needed!

  • Your Project's Create & Manage Folder Permissions will be set to Admins Only

  • Your Project's setting for Allow Standard Users to create Root Folders will be turned OFF by default. You team will be able to modify both Permission settings from the Project Settings page.

  • All your Folders will initially be set to the Default Protection state. If your team requires any Folders to be restricted, an Admin can decide which Folders need to be Protected (or Semi-Protected) from the Folders Page.

  • All Locked Packages will automatically be migrated to behave like Public Packages.

Then vs Now

Old BehaviourNew Behaviour

WBS is the central, nested tree structure

Folders is the central, nested tree structure

Only Admins can create & manage the WBS

All Project Users can create and manage Folders by default New Folders Permissions allow Admins to limit who can manage & create Subfolders and Folders

Any WBS can be edited by all Admins

Change Folders Protection State from Default to Protected or Semi Protected to control which Folders can be moved or added to

WBS can only be created from the WBS page

Root Folders & Subfolders can be created from the Gantt and Folders Page

WBS can only be edited one at a time

Folders can be updated in bulk with the new Multi-Select options on the Folders Page. Bulk edits include: Colour Move Protect Delete

The WBS order can only be modified by using the indent & outdent arrows from the WBS page

NewDrag & Drop to change the order of Folders & Subfolders from the Folders Page Subfolders can be re-ordered directly from the Gantt

Empty WBS are invisible from the Gantt

See the Hidden Subfolder Count next to each Folder on the Gantt Open the list of hidden Subfolders and choose to reveal anything specific

WBS can only be viewed in the full hierarchal structure, often taken up large amounts of space in the tasklist

Flatten the Folders tree on the Gantt to reduce the amount of space the structure requires

Gantt Primary Group By options limited to Package, Owner, WBS & Folders

Group by any combination of Folder, Shift, Location, Package & Owner

Unable to export the WBS tree

All project users can Export Folders to CSV from the Folders page

No options to quickly expand or collapse multiple levels while managing the WBS

Each Folders row has advanced collapse & expand controls, including:Collapse FolderCollapse AllCollapse BelowExpand AllHighlight Folder

WBS can be deleted even when containing Tasks

Folders must be empty to be successfully deleted

Little visibility of total number of Tasks inside each WBS level

New Task Count for each Folder & Subfolder on the Folder Page

Packages are either Locked or Public

All Packages will always now behave like Public Packages. Locked Packages are retiring

Packages have random colours

Set a custom Package Colour from the Packages Page

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