Migrate existing plans to Aphex (CSV)

For users wanting to move their planning to Aphex, we provide an easy way to migrate data from spreadsheets or other tools (like excel) into their project.

This guide will cover formatting your spreadsheet, the task properties you can import, and how to run the migration.

The migration tool allows you to import tasks with some basic properties through either a CSV upload or a direct copy-paste action.

Supported Migration Sources

In order to enable anyone to move tasks to Aphex, regardless of where they currently plan, the migration tool is built to support CSV formatted data.

If your plans are in any system with rows and columns, you can most likely either export the data directly to CSV or copy the data from the interface and paste it into a CSV or other spreadsheet.

Task Properties

The migration tool supports the optional mapping of six properties (Aphex columns) on imported tasks, with at least one mapping required for a valid import.

ColumnFormatAuto-assigned value



Auto-assigned value

Task Name

Any string

"New Task"










Prefix of the day are also supported i.e. "Tue ddMMyyyy"



Same as Start

Same as Start








Any string



Any string


Imported tasks will be assigned to the project's default calendar and the owner undertaking the migration. Assigned Project Assets, such as Packages or Subcontractors will be created automatically if required.

Formatting your Data

The migration tool will typically support any CSV export from other planning tools. If your existing plans are in a spreadsheet, the data can be copied directly. Additional heading rows can be excluded during the import.

Should your existing data be inconsistently structured due to headings or another formatting technique, you can download an example CSV template below and paste your relevant data before importing.

Migrating Tasks while Creating a New Project

You can migrate your plans to Aphex whilst creating a new project:

  • From your Org's homepage, click Create New Project

  • Enter your Project's name, then hit Continue

  • See the next steps using the interactive walkthrough below:

Migrating Tasks into an Existing Project

You can import your tasks into an existing project:

  • Open your Project

  • See the next steps using the interactive walkthrough below:

Only Admins will be able to create new Subcontractors during the migration process.

All Packages named in the migrated data will be created as new Public Packages, owned by the User running the migration

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