Task Panel

On the right-hand side of the Gantt, there is a panel that opens to show either the Task Details, Milestones, Clashes, Missing Data or Blockers.

Task Details

Regular Tasks:

  • When a task is selected, it shows all the details allocated to that task

  • View the activity log of the selected task

  • Make changes to the selected task

  • Convert the Task into a Milestone (for Regular or Sub-Tasks, not Parent Tasks)


  • Milestones can be open in the task details panel. Opening the Milestones panel shows all of the details of that Milestone

  • View the activity log of the selected task

  • Overlay the critical path of that particular Milestone

  • Duplicate the Milestone

  • Revert the Milestone back to a regular Task

  • Add Sub-Tasks to the Milestone

  • Set a target date & view the Publication History and Variance


  • View a list of Milestones & choose whether you would like to compare Milestones to an Aphex Publication or Target Date

  • Use the configuration settings to select:

    • The Date Range

    • Milestone Owner preference

    • Group By

    • Sort By preference

    • Spotlight Milestones with Variance, choosing to show Milestones that have Slippage, Improvements or both

    • Download a Milestone CSV

  • Each Milestone can be expanded to show or set a target date

  • The Publication History for each Milestone will show each Publication that the Milestone is in and the Variance


  • A list of all clashing tasks in your selected lookahead period

  • Only clashes that you are an owner of will show in this panel

  • The list shows how many other tasks that each task is clashing with

  • Use the Clashes list to jump to tasks that have clashes

Missing Data

  • Shows a list of all Tasks you own that are missing required information for publishing

  • Only tasks missing data within the lookahead period will appear here

  • Tasks can be jumped to by selecting an activity from the missing data list


  • A list of Blockers based on dates falling within the selected lookahead window for a project

  • The list shows the Blocker name, when the Blocker is due and tasks associated with the Blocker

  • All overdue Blockers will appear on the task panel, regardless of date

  • Blockers can be configured to only display Overdue Blockers

  • Choose to see whose Blockers appear in the Blockers Panel. Select from:

    • My Tasks

    • All Tasks

    • Assigned Tasks

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