How can I use Aphex to update P6?

Imported data from P6, MS Project, or Asta? Learn how to incorporate changes made in Aphex back into your Master Schedule.

Most teams opt to identify activities that have slipped since the import and then decide whether to reflect these updates in back into P6. Note: Due to most plans in Master Schedules being contractual programs, Aphex will not update P6 / Asta / MS Project automatically.

First, you'll want to turn on the baseline from your import:

  • Open your Aphex Project

  • Navigate to the Gantt

  • Set your Date Range to include all Tasks that you are interested in reviewing

  • Click the Overlays button towards the top left of the Gantt

    • Select Baseline

    • Select the relevant import from the list

All imported tasks automatically come in with the Activity ID from your Master Schedule tool - this will appear in Aphex as the 'External ID'. You can reveal this property on the Gantt:

  • Open the column picker

  • Enable the External ID column

  • Enable the Start and End columns

Now that you have both the Import Baseline & External ID column open, you can identify any tasks with variance and use the External ID to match the Aphex Task with the source activity in P6:

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