Exporting Data from a Publication

Things to know before you start:

  • You can only download CSV exports from Published Versions

  • Tasks outside of you selected view on the Gantt will not be included in the download file

If you're looking to download the raw data from your plan to a CSV file, this guide is for you!

We will cover how to download the data and the contents of the export.

How to Download Data

The first step is to open the Published Version you would like to generate the export from. If you've been supplied a link, you can skip the first step:

  • You can access Published Versions from the Publishing page. Click the View Version in the overflow menu

  • Edit the view of the plan so that all relevant information is visible

  • Click Share

  • Select Download Data

CSV Export Contents

Now that you have generated the export, you will receive a zipped file containing two CSVs:

  1. Delay Export

  2. Task Export

The former provides insight into delay information and performance data in the project, with the second lifting all information for the tasks into an easy-to-aggregate and analyse format.

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