Interactive Plans

Printing Plans

Communication is key to the successful delivery of every project. Inviting your team to your Aphex Project is the best way to give them visibility of work in the plan, but it's also possible to generate shareable outputs.

There are two ways to share your plan:

Interactive Plans

Published Versions of your project are interactive official records of project data, typically generated on a weekly basis in line with a project's weekly submission deadline. Published Versions can be shared with anyone using a Shareable Link, giving teams access to your project's Gantt and visual Maps, and the ability to drill-down into work by Filtering or Inspecting work. Far more efficient that a static PDF, sharing links to interactive Published Versions is how many teams submit their weekly short-term plans to clients and project stakeholders.

Printable PDF Plans

Printable A3-optimised PDF documents of your Gantt or visual Maps can be generated from both your live plan or from a Published Version. These outputs are ideal for generating weekly sequence decks to for members of the team who might be out on-site without access to a device with a browser.

How to Share Your Plan

Step 1: Navigate to the plan you'd like to share

First, navigate to the plan you'd like to share. This might be your project's live plan, or you can navigate to a Published Version by clicking on the Share Button in the top-right of your project and selecting the Published Plan option.

Step 2: Configure the information you'd like to share

Use your Filters to drill-down to the part of your plan you'd like to share, perhaps you're generating an output for the supply chain and only need work assigned to a Subcontractor.

If you're generating a PDF print-out use the Column Picker to view the Columns of information you'd like visible on your PDF output.

If you're sharing an Interactive Plan but don't want to share the entire plan, use your Date Picker to set the date range of work you'd like to share.

Step 3: Decide your sharing format and customise your output

Now you're ready to share your plan, hit the Share button in the top-right of your plan. Here you'll find the options of an Interactive Plan or a printable Gantt and Map.

Each output gives you options to customise the output of your plan, your printable Gantt can have Tasks grouped by either WBS or Package. You can apply and Overlay to view Resource information or a historical Baseline on the output.

Your printable Maps can be customised into various sequence decks with pages collating work by Day, Week or Month. Work can be viewed by either Owner or Subcontractor.

Step 4: Finalise your output

The final step is to generate the Shareable Link or PDF using the button in the bottom-right of the Print Modal.

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