Changes with Status

September 2023

We're simplifying ways to track the progress of plans. Read on to see the changes to Status and logging delays, and what it will mean for you.

Freedom to move tasks between Done, Promised & Planned individually, or in bulk, at anytime.

Choose to apply the same delay to the path of a promised task.

Single-step process to log delays & improvements [now called Progress Updates], including integrated comments and documents, and custom days of impact.

Reorder-able Task Panel with a new, collapsable Activity Feed that can be filtered to only Progress & Date changes or Comments. Plus, Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down allow quick logging of performance from the Task Panel.

See the changes in action

Then vs Now

Old BehaviourNew Behaviour

Admins, Owners & Assignees can always edit Task Status

New Permission Controls - Projects decide who (Admins, Owners & Assignees) can update or regress Task Status

Tasks can only be set to Completed on a manual, individual basis Tasks can only be set to Promised if included in the Promised Period when Publishing Tasks can only be returned to Planned by clearing all Promised Tasks

Tasks can be set to Planned, Promised or Done individually or in bulk, while on the Gantt

Promised Tasks in the past become Assume Completed

Assume Completed is replaced with Done

Promised Tasks will not automatically schedule and each linked task needs to be delayed manually

Delaying a Promised Task now gives the option to delay the promised path. Delays can be automatically applied to all linked Promised Tasks

Status Events (delays) require a guided, 4-step process to be completed

Status Events are replaced by Progress Updates

Progress Updates are single-step, and allow comments & attachments to be integrated, as well as custom days of impact

Net Delay Number adjusts automatically when a Task is brought forward or shortened

Tasks will keep all Progress Update history, and delays & improvements will not be reset or adjusted when Task Dates are modified

Deleting a delay automatically changes Task Dates

Progress Updates can be deleted without forcing a date change

Delays are alway visible on the Gantt

Show Progress overlay can be toggled On or Off to hide or reveal progress update information on the Gantt

Add Status button is used to record individual delays and improvements

Add Status is replaced with Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down to trigger a Progress Update

Some edits (related tasks, resources) cannot be made in the Task Panel

All fields are editable in the new Task Panel

The full Activity Log is not accessible in the Task Panel Activity Log contains one long list of basic Task Events

Activity Log is replaced with the new Activity Feed Activity Feed is detailed, interactive, filterable & collapsable

What does this mean for you?

  • Any Tasks previously recorded as Completed will be automatically migrated to Done

  • Any Tasks with the previous Status of In Progress will be migrated to Planned

  • Planned & Promised Tasks will keep the same Status

  • The ability to edit Task Status will default to Admins & Owners & Assignees. Task Status Regression will be set to Off, so only Admins can regress Status. This can be modified by an Admin in Project Settings

  • Any previously recorded Status Events will be migrated to Progress Updates, which can be found in the Activity Feed.

What do I need to do?

No action needed! If you have any questions about the changes, hit the ? icon to start a chat with our Support Team.

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