Status and Progress Updates

Each Task has an overall Status to indicate the stage the work is at.

Additionally, Progress Updates can be recorded to represent any delays and improvements made to a Task over time.

The Status of a Task will impact how it behaves when the dates are edited by a user.

Task Status

Task StatusDescription


Planned Tasks are those not yet promised to be delivered, and can be moved freely. This is the default state of all tasks.


Promised Tasks are commitments. If the committed dates are broken or changed, a delay reason needs to be recorded.


Done Tasks are those determined to have actualised start and end dates. Done Tasks are locked in place so no date changes or Progress Updates can be made.


Tasks imported but not yet merged to the plan by users exist in the Backlog. The Backlog is a staging place between an import and the Gantt.

Progress Updates

For each working day of a Task, Progress Updates can be recorded to indicate performance. Each Progress Update includes the following data:

Progress Update PropertyDescription


Selected working day to record the event against


Delayed On Schedule Improved


Reason for the change. This can be configured by each project individually and typically contains reasons such as "Awaiting Access".


Impact of the update is recorded in a Value that represents a duration in working days (+ or -)

Added By

User who recorded the update

Created At

Timestamp of when the update was recorded

Progress Updates: Type

There are different types of Progress Updates:



A task’s end date has been delayed from the prior plan or commitment

On Schedule

A task’s end date is confirmed as achievable.


A task’s end date has been improved (brought earlier).

Task Status Change

A task’s meta status has changed aka Promised, Planned, Done


By setting a Promise Date on the Project, or manually changing a Task Status to Promised, the Task dates are committed to. When the dates of a Promised task change, the Progress Update flow is triggered.

Tasks can be Statused as Promised in two ways:

  • In bulk (Promise Date and Multi-Select)

  • Individually (Gantt Cell and Task Panel)

Promised Tasks have specific hatched Task Bars, and have a purple tick next to their Start and End dates.

Ripple Status

If a Promised task is delayed, the same delay (amount & reason) can be applied to all following Promised tasks, given the User has the correct permissions over the predecessor Tasks.

Promised Period

By default, the Promised Date is one week from your Project's next Published Version due date. This can be customised.

The Promised Date is indicated on the Gantt as a purple line.

All Planned Tasks from Today until the Promise Date will have their Status converted to Promised.

The Promised Period can be removed from the Gantt. This will remove the Promised Line and hatching in the Gantt Timeline but will have no impact on Task Status. All Promised Tasks will remain Promised.

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