Tasks are the basic unit of work in Aphex. Tasks hold all the information about the unit of work.

Task Properties

Tasks properties are the details and data that can be assigned to Tasks.



Name given to the Task


Start date


End date


Duration in working days


Working and non-working days


Shift pattern indicating a Task's working hours


User responsible for the Task

Assigned To

Users who can status and comment on the Task


Subcontractor responsible for delivering the Task


Human resources required to deliver the Task


Equipment and machinery required to deliver the Task


Material resources required to deliver the Task


Visual map of an on-site location of the Task, or description of the off-site location

Work Area

Physical location of a Task on-site, marked-up on a location image

Folder Code

Structure used to group and structure Tasks in the plan

External ID

A unique identifier used to connect a task to an external plan, this commonly represents an Activity ID in a master schedule


Custom way of grouping related Tasks in the plan


Parent Task of a Subtask


Additional notes that can be attached to Tasks


Thread of communication on the Task


Documents that can be uploaded and attached to Tasks

Related Tasks

Connected Tasks. Relationships can exist between Tasks in the form of Logic Links

Activity ID

Unique identifier automatically assigned to every Task in the plan


The overall state of a Task


Identify what needs to be completed before a task proceeds

Task Permissions

Each Task has a single Owner who is responsible for detailing, updating and making the Task ready. Tasks can also be interacted with by other team members depending on their Project Role and whether they have been Assigned To the Task.

Owner/ Admin / DelegateAssigned ToNo Task Role

Delete Task



Duplicate Task

Breakdown Task



Update Task Links


Update Task Dates, Duration, Calendar and Shift


Update Task Blockers


Update Task Tags


Update Task Subcontractor, Labour, Plant and Materials


Update Task Location and Work Area


Update Task Parent, Package, Folder, External ID


Request Non-Conflicting Clash Resolution



Convert to Milestone


Update Task Owner



Update Task Assignees


Add Task Comment

Update Task Notes


Update Task Documents


Status Task*


Update Resource Actuals


Record Progress Update


*Additional layers of permission controls apply

Task Types

Tasks can be broken-down into a collection of Subtasks within a Parent Task, or converted into a Milestone Task.

Parent Tasks

After a Task is broken down into a Parent Task, it becomes a summary of all its Subtasks. Some properties are controlled by the Parent Task that all Subtasks will inherit:

Parent Task Properties
  • Owner

  • Assignee

  • Folder Code

  • External ID

  • Package

  • Parent


Aside from the inherited properties, Subtasks can have their own individual properties:

Subtask Properties
  • Start

  • Finish

  • Duration

  • Calendar

  • Shift

  • Blockers

  • Subcontractor

  • Labour

  • Plant

  • Location

  • Work Area

  • Notes

  • Comments

  • Documents

  • Related Tasks

  • Activity ID

  • Status

  • Blockers

  • Tags


Standard Tasks and Subtasks can also be converted into Milestone Tasks, or Milestone Subtasks.

Milestone Tasks are unique in the following ways:

  • Ability to have a Target Date, in addition to Start & End dates

  • Do not appear as a ‘bar’ on the Gantt, but instead have their own Diamond shape

  • Are excluded from the Missing Data checks before a new version is created

As Milestones are a Task Type, all Task Properties and associated Task Permissions that are applicable to Standard Tasks and Subtasks also apply to Milestone Tasks and Milestone Subtasks.

However Milestone Tasks do have some special properties:

Milestone PropertyDescription

Target Date

Target Date is a single date that enable projects to track Target Dates against the end date of the Milestone

Publication History

The Publication History section tracks the Milestone's current end date in comparison to the end date in each recent Published Version

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed contains a record of all of a Task’s changes, Comments and attachments (images and documents).

This includes a detailed log of all updated properties and Progress Updates, the User that made the change, and the exact time that the change was made.

You can filter which data to view in the Activity Feed:

All Activity

Task Property changes, Progress Updates, Comments & attachments (images and documents)


Comments and attachments (images and documents)

Dates & Progress

Date changes and Progress Updates


Changes to the state of Blockers and adding/removing Blockers from a task

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