How do I promise Tasks?

Promised Tasks have had their dates committed to and are indicated on the Gantt by their hatched Task bars. Any changes made to Promised Tasks will need to be justified by a delay reason.

There are two quick ways to Promise Tasks.

Pick specific Tasks to Promise

You can set tasks to Promised individually, or in bulk, from the Gantt.

Opening the Status Gantt Column will also allow you to change tasks to Promised

You need to have the correct Task & Project Permissions in order to update Task Status

Set all Tasks within a certain period to Promised (through Publishing)

Setting a Promise Date turns all Planned Tasks starting on and before the Promise Date to the status of Promised.

Setting a Promise Date

Promise Dates are set from the Publishing page when creating the next Published Version:

  • Click the Aphex icon in the top left corner

  • Choose the Publishing page

  • Click to expand the Next Scheduled Publication summary

  • Click Publish

  • In the modal, toggle on Promise Tasks

  • Use the Date Picker to select a Promise Date, then hit Publish Plan

Only Project Admins can set a Promise Date. Open the Status Column on the Gantt to regress Tasks from Promised back to Planned.

Hover the Promised Line to Clear Promised Flags (removing the Promised Line from the Gantt)

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