How do I change the non-working days of a Task?

Calendars determine the working and non-working days of Tasks in your plan. Every task has a calendar assigned so that the Gantt can accurately reflect the days that work will and won’t take place. If you're a Project Admin, you can create a new calendar or make changes to an existing calendar from the Calendars page:

  • Click Add Calendar to create a new calendar


  • Hover your cursor over an existing calendar and click '...'

  • Then, select the base working days for your calendar

  • Use the Date Picker to the right to add working or non-working day exceptions, for example bank holidays

  • Finally, hit Update Calendar

The last step is to assign the Tasks you’d like to have the calendar from the Gantt.

If you edit a calendar that is already assigned to tasks, you can either update all present and future tasks with the new dates, or you can hold all existing dates.

If you opt to update the dates, promised and past tasks will not automatically schedule. Only once an edit is made to a task, will the new dates be applied.

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