Copying tasks between Projects

Before you start:

  • This feature is available on Pro, Pro+ and Enterprise plans

  • Assets that can be copied are dependent on whether you are a Standard or Admin user

If you are looking to copy tasks between your Aphex projects then you are in the right place!

Click through the player for an interactive walk-through on how to transfer tasks between projects, or scroll down for a step-by-step guide:

Any number of tasks can be selected to copy to your destination project

  • To select the tasks you want to copy, use the check box to the left of the task name

  • Select the 3 dots in the menu that appears

  • Click 'Copy task to Aphex Project'

Once your tasks are selected, you can copy them to an existing or new project.

Selecting an existing Project

  • Choose a project from the list

Creating a new project

  • Click 'Create New Project'

  • Give your new project a name

You can either copy All Properties or pick which properties you would like to copy from a Customised List. All Properties will be selected as the default

All Properties

  • Click 'Continue'

  • Review the 'Copy Task Summary'

  • Click 'Finish'

Customised List

  • Select 'Customised List'

  • Check the boxes of any properties you want to copy

  • Click 'Continue'

  • Review the 'Copy Task Summary'

  • Click 'Finish'

Other things to note:

  • Links between selected tasks will always be copied across

  • Task history (the activity log & progress updates) will not be copied over

  • If you do not select a property to be copied, a default option will be applied to the property

  • Some properties being copied are based on being a Standard & Admin user. Find a full list of these here

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