Organisations are the very top level of the Aphex hierarchy. Organisations represent the entity that owns all the Projects.

Each Organisation has a subscription to an Aphex Plan and a collection of users who can access the Organisation.

Organisation Users

Each user has an Organisation Role that controls what Organisation information they can access and manage in the Admin Console.




Standard Organisation Member. No access to Admin Console.

Org Admin - Billing*

Manage Organisation billing and invoices in Admin Console.

Org Admin - Reporting*

Manage API keys on Organisation and Projects.

Org Admin - System*

Manage all project users, projects and permission settings.

Super Admin

Manage all Organisation information.

*Org Admins can hold multiple Org Admin roles.

Admin App Permissions

RoleView Admin ConsoleManage Org UsersManage Billing InformationManage API KeysManage Org Permissions + Settings





Reporting Admin



Billing Admin



System Admin

Super Admin

Seat Type

An Organisation user will hold one of four Seat Types that indicates billing eligibility, and if the user is an active member of the Org.

User StatusDescription


Enrolled user whose highest Project role is Standard or Admin


Enrolled user whose highest Project role is Lite OR is not a user on any Projects


Non-enrolled user who has been invited to the Organisation


User who has been blocked from accessing the Organisation and any Projects

On paid Aphex Subscription Plans, only users with the Billed Seat Type users will count towards billable users.

Deactivating and Deleting Organisation Users

Deactivating a user immediately blocks their access to the Organisation and Projects.

Deactivated users can be reactivated, allowing the user to gain access back to the Organisation, and any Projects they were active on prior to being deactivated.

Permanently Delete Organisation Users

To permanently delete an Organisation User, the user needs to meet the following criteria:

  • They must already be Deactivated from the Organisation

  • They need to be removed from all Projects

  • They cannot Own any Tasks or Packages on any Projects

Once a user is deleted, they will be removed from the Organisation.

Deactivating Super Admins

There must be at least one active Super Admin in an Organisation at all times. The last Super Admin cannot be Deactivated or demoted until another Super Admin is added.

Export User List

The total list of Organisation Users can be exported into an .csv file, with the following contents:



User's chosen display name


User's email address


User's Organisation Role


The date of the last time the user logged in to the Organisation


User's Seat Type to indicate billing status


Multi-Factor Authentication Status

Organisation Permissions

Some permissions can be set at the Organisation level to control what users can take specific actions.


Project Creation

Project creation limited to either:

  • All Members


  • Only System Admins

Enforce Project External ID

Require new projects to enter a business reference ID

Inviting New Org Members

Inviting new Org Members limited to:

  • All Project Users (excluding Lite)

  • Project & System Admins Only

  • System Admins Only

Organisation Settings


Organisation Name

Name of the Organisation

Organisation Logo

Custom logo (can upload .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif and .svg files)

Organisation Region

Australia or UK. Controls where the Organisation data is stored

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