Board is an alternate way to view and edit plans that have already been created on the Gantt. Projects in Board can be viewed in one week intervals only.

Configured views (group, visible task properties and layout) are specific to each user, and are saved for each Project a user has a role on. Views in Board view are separate from views on the Gantt.

Add Task

Users automatically become the Task's Owner when they create a Task.

By default, the new Task will be a one-day Task created on the Monday of the selected week in the top group, unless the Task is added to a specific day.

New Tasks will have the Project's default calendar selected, and be set to a Day Shift.

The dates and grouping of a Task can be modified with drag and drop.

Milestones cannot be created from Board.


By default, the new Task will be a one-day Task created on the first working day (of the Project's default Calendar) of the selected week in the top group, unless the Task is added to a specific day.

If you have filters selected, these will be pre-assigned to new Tasks that are created:

  • Where there are more than one active filter for a single-select property, the first selected filter will be used on the task

  • If an active filter would be an invalid property on the task (eg a locked package), nothing will be pre-populated

  • Any pre-assigned resources will be allocated a quantity of 1 by default


You can choose how tasks are organised in Board view by setting the Group.

The Primary and Sub-Groups you can pick from are:

Primary GroupSub-Group














Tasks can be dragged and dropped between groups.

Task Properties

You can choose which Task properties are visible or hidden in Board view. The order of Task Properties under each Task depends on the order chosen from the Task Property Selector.

The Task properties you can pick from are:

  • Assignees

  • Calendar

  • Dates

  • Labour

  • Location

  • Materials

  • Notes

  • Owner

  • Package

  • Plant

  • Progress

  • Shift

  • Status

  • Subcontractor

  • Folder

  • Tags

  • Blockers

The visible Task Properties also dictate what properties are immediately available to assign to new Tasks created in Board View.


By default, Board has the Masonry layout and 7 day week selected. This is user-customisable and will be remembered when Board is next opened.

There are two layout options:



Tasks are condensed into the smallest amount of vertical space


Each row has only one Task

There are 3 options for how the week can be viewed:


5 day

Monday - Friday

6 day

Monday - Saturday

7 day

Monday - Sunday

Relationship Links can be visible in Board View but are toggled off by default.


The scale toggle has two options:



Days are a set size and can be scrolled between, the proportion visible depends on display size


Days are condensed to fit within the browser window

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