Why were some Tasks skipped from updating?

If one or more of your tasks didn't update, this will be due to either your Role, the Task Status, or an Invalid Action.

We'll take a look at each option in a bit more detail below.

You may not have the correct role to perform the action on all selected Tasks.

For example, you will only be able to edit a task you have ownership of unless you're an admin, delegate, or assignee on other work in the project.

This works the same way with duplicating tasks - if you are not an admin, the owner, or a delegate, you will not be able to duplicate a task.

You can find a full list of permissions for owners, admins, assignees and delegates here.

You cannot use multi-select to update the start date, end date, or duration of Tasks that have the status of Promised or Done.

Promised Tasks require delay reasons to explain why the Tasks did not take place on the planned dates, which need to be entered while moving each Task individually.

Done Tasks have locked-in dates and no edits can be made.

Tasks will be skipped if the property can not be updated. Here are some common invalid actions:

  • You are trying to paste a value like Location or Calendar into a Parent Task

  • You are trying to move Tasks into a Locked Package

  • You are trying to set an End Date prior to the Start Date

  • You are entering an external ID that already exists

Here is the full list of editable properties.

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