There are two main structures the plan can be viewed by; Packages and Folders. The Folder assigned to a Task has no relation to the Package it may also be grouped in.


All users can create Packages to group their own tasks into.


Package Codes

Each Package is automatically assigned a unique code that follows this logic:

X-00N (X = First letter of Project name) (N = Number of Packages created)

Default Packages

When a brand new Project is created, three default public Packages will be generated:

Level 1 Structure - X-001

Level 2 Structure - X-002

Level 2 Electrical - X-003

Deactivated and Deleted Packages

Deactivated Packages will no longer be available to add tasks into. However, deactivated Packages will still group all tasks assigned to it before it was deactivated.

If a deactivated Package is permanently deleted, any remaining tasks will be automatically ejected from the Package and placed into the ‘Without Package’ group.


Folders & Subfolders can be used to group all tasks under a single, controlled structure.

Folders can be created manually inside Aphex, imported from CSV, or from connecting to the Master Schedule (P6/MS Project/Asta)


Each Folder has a unique code.

If a duplicate code is attempted to be created, the code will autocorrect to <value>[duplicate]until it is edited back to a unique code.

The colours for each new Folder are randomly generated and are editable.

Protected State

Folders will have one three states:

Deleted Folders

Deleted Folders are automatically removed from the Gantt.

Folders that contain Tasks can not be deleted.

Opting to delete the entire Folder branch will delete the selected code, and all Folders nested underneath.

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