Understanding Resources in the Plan

Things to know before you start:

  • You must already have resource data assigned to tasks in your plan

  • If you'd prefer to see resource demand in Power BI, head here instead.

There are three simple ways to view resource demand: using the Resource Overlay on the Gantt, using our Power BI connection, or using the Aphex Insight App.

We're going to take a look at the Resource Overlay.

Adding resources (Materials, Plant, Labour and Subcontractor) to tasks allows you to understand resource demand across your work, your team's work, and the wider project's work.

  • You can access the Resource Overlay by first opening the Overlay menu towards the top of the Gantt

  • Then, select Resources

Now that you have the Overlay open, you can start to configure what information you want to see. As an example, here are some steps to see the concrete forecast for Team A over the next two weeks:

  • Select the Material icon to show all Material information for the tasks in view

  • Limit the data to only concrete types by opening the type selector and choosing Concrete

Now that you have the Overlay set to show the right data, you can change your view of the plan to make sure you're only seeing the 2-week concrete demand for Team A.

  • Open the Space Selector and choose Team A

  • Open the Date Range Selector and set the dates to show the upcoming two weeks

Once you're looking at the relevant information, here are a few tips to help you understand the data.

  • Each resource type has its own row to display the daily demand

  • The darker the number block, the higher the demand

  • Hovering each block will show; the daily demand and task usage for the tasks in view, and for all tasks in the project, as well as who owns the tasks

  • Switching to Project Utilisation instead of Displayed Task Utilisation will change the number in each block to be based on data from the whole project, instead of just tasks in your view

  • In Month or Week view, the blocks will not show the usage amount until you hover over each block

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