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Board View

Before you start:
  • This feature is available on Pro, Pro+ and Enterprise plans
  • Board view is only available for Admin and Standard Project members
Planning or presenting plans in a meeting? Ditch the whiteboard and bring Aphex to the big screen or tablet with Board view.

Set your View

The first step is to customise your view so that only the most important information is visible whilst you're presenting.
Choose how work in Board view is grouped, your layout and which Task properties show beneath each of your Tasks when presenting.
Click through the player to explore how to customise your view in Board:

Planning in meetings

Whether you're adding a missed Task, tracking performance or building adjusting the plan in a meeting, the next step is learning how to add and status Tasks.
Explore the walkthrough to find out how to add Tasks and track performance from Board view:
Last modified 4mo ago