Navigating the Gantt

Navigating the Map

The Gantt is where you can see and interact with all work across the plan, allowing you to stay informed and connected as you build and update your work.

There are 5 main components of the Gantt:

1. Main Menu

2. View Controls

3. Gantt Table

4. Gantt Canvas

5. Panels

Main Menu

1. Aphex Icon

Access your Sidebar, key to navigating around Planner.

2. Project Menu

Switch to a different Project, or quickly navigate to Settings, Project Data and Historical Publications

3. Planner Pages

Quick way of accessing the three main pages on your Project.

4. Make Ready

Teams building plans can let the rest of their project know their work has been reviewed, updated and is ready for a submission!

5. Share

Share your plans using PDFs or custom links.

6. Notifications

Key project updates including reminders to Ready plans, Published Versions or work that's been Imported and assigned to you.

7. Help

Access a load of helpful resources including the Aphex Academy, Help Centre and Live Chat support.

View Controls

1. Space Selector

Switch between your Personal Spaces and pinned Team Spaces

2. Primary Grouping

Configure the first group you're viewing the plan by.

3. Secondary grouping

Choose the sub-group to view your plan by.

4. Gantt Zoom

Day, Week or Month view.

5. Date Picker

See work taking place across any custom date range, or expand to view All Future Tasks.

6. Filters

Drill-down to any part of the plan using the extensive collection of filters.

7. Empty Group Toggle

Control if your empty groups are always visible on the Gantt or not.

Gantt Table

1. Gantt Search

Search for Task or Package names

2. Column Picker

Choose the columns that can be added to your Gantt Table, grouped by similar Fields.

3. Add Task

Add Tasks into your groups.

4. Add Package

Allows you to add or create a Package that Tasks can then be assigned to.

Gantt Canvas

1. Dates

Calendar dates across the top of the Canvas.

2. Task Bar

Click to interact with your Task, editing Dates, drawing links or double-click to open the Inspect Panel to view detail attached to your Task.

3. Overlays

Layer information visually on the plan. You can view Baselines of Published Versions, Resources information, or short-term critical paths to Key Activities using Pathways.

4. Date Picker

Expand your visible dates.

Today (orange line)

Rolling 'Today' line.

Promised date (purple line)

The date that all Tasks have been promised to.


Inspect Panel

The Inspect Panel is where you can view and edit Task Properties, a useful way to view details of a specific Task while also viewing the sequences and structure the work fits into on the Gantt.

Clashes Panel

Here's your go-to list of issues in sequencing, a list of Tasks that are physically interfacing with other planned work on-site and needs review and action. Select to Inspect a Task to take action.

Missing Data Panel

Here's your go-to list of incomplete work in your plan, a list of Tasks that are missing information against your project's Required Fields: the key information that needs adding to the plan. Select a Task to open your Required Fields and highlight the missing information in the Gantt Table. Magic!

Navigating the Map

The Map Page can be broken down into 4 components:

1. Map Controls

2. Task List

3. Map Canvas

4. Date Range

Map Controls

1. Location Selector

Use this to change between locations available on your project.

2. Workspace Selector

Allows you to switch between workspaces, changing the tasks being shown accordingly.

3. Structure Selector

Use this to change how the tasks are structured on the tasklist, mainly the Package, Owner, or WBS view.

4. Overlays Selector

Allows you to layer extra information onto the page, namely Resources, Baselines and Key Tasks.

Task List

1. List Format

Allows you to change how the tasklist is shown, either by task or by the layer the tasks sit on.

2. Task List

The list of Tasks with Work Areas on the Location within the configured date range. Click to select a Task and highlight the Work Area.

3. Basemap

Allows you to switch the base map between a real-world Satellite view and a street map view.

4. Layer List

The list of Layers available for the selected Location. Toggle them on or off using the eye symbol.

Map Canvas

1. Location Visual

The selected map or schematic uploaded in a project's assets, that Work Areas have been drawn on.

2. Work Areas

The visual representations of where Tasks are taking place physically.

Date Range


1. Date Range Controls

Move their date range forwards and backwards by a week or select the start/finish date to edit.

2. Default Lookahead View

Sets the duration to that of the Default Lookahead set in Project Settings.

3. Today

Transports the Gantt view back to the current day.

4. Date Range Pre-sets

Change the date range to the current week, the week after or the current month.

5. Date Picker

Chooses a start and finish date for a custom Lookahead duration.

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