Logic Link Permissions

Creating Logic Links

In Aphex, Logic Links can exist between Tasks to indicate dependencies in your plan. Links can exist between Parent Tasks, or between Subtasks. When you break-down a Parent Task, Subtasks will automatically be linked and any external links will be transferred to children.

There are four types of link in Aphex:

  1. Finish:Start

  2. Finish:Finish

  3. Start:Finish

  4. Start:Start

Logic Link Permissions

Contributors on a Project can create links between any Task they own or have been assigned to and can create links from other team member's Tasks to their own. It's not possible to create links to any other Task in the plan.

Similar to editing permissions, you can only create links to Tasks that you have the permission to edit.

Creating Logic Links

Drawing Links on the Gantt

Logic Links can easily be drawn between Tasks on the Gantt. Hover your cursor over a Task Bar and click and drag the circle that appears either side of the bar to start drawing your link, then drop the link on a circle either side of another bar. The direction you draw your link determines your predecessor and successor, and the side of the bar you pick determines link type.


By default, all Logic Links will have 0 days lag. Hold down the SHIFT key while drawing your link to configure a link with lag that reflects the current dates of your two tasks.

You can create a link to a Task anywhere in the plan using the Related Tasks section of the Inspect Panel. Select your Task and open up the Inspect Panel on the right hand side of your plan. Use the Linked Tasks Section to open the Task and to create a link to a predecessor and successor.

You can easily search for a Task to link to by entering the Task Name or by using the Filter. Once you've created the link you can edit link type or insert lag.


Editing Logic Links

Editing Links on the Gantt

Logic Links on the Gantt are clickable, click to open the Link Pop-out where you can edit link type, lag or delete the link.

Where multiple links overlap you first select the link to edit, labelled by predecessor and successor.

Viewing and Editing any Link using the Inspect Panel

The Related Tasks section of the Inspect Panel is a useful place to find a full list of all related Tasks and links. Here you can select a Related Task to open and edit or delete a link.

You can also select the View on Gantt button to Inspect the Related Task.

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