Physical time-location clashes can result in major health and safety incidents on-site, in addition to wasted resources. Aphex automatically highlights Clashes in the plan to prompt communication and action. On the Gantt, Task Bars will turn red when a Task is Clashing with another Task in the plan.


As an owner of work you can find a list of your Clashing Tasks from the Clashes Panel on the right of your Aphex Project. Your Clashes Panel will detail the names of Clashing Tasks, clicking on a Task Name will open the Task's Inspect Panel where you can view all Task Attributes to understand the best resolution.


The Related Tasks section of the Inspect Panel is where you can find a record of the work that a Task is Clashing with. Here Clashes can be marked as non-conflicting, if Tasks owned by multiple owners on the project are Clashing, both owners will need to mark the Clash as non-conflicting.


Clicking on a Clashing Task's Bar allows you to Clash Detect for a Task beyond the Task's dates. Dates along the Task's Row on the Gantt Canvas will be highlighted in red to indicate a Clashing Day, non-clashing Days are indicated in white, allowing you to understand when re-sequencing may result in additional Clashes.


Once you've resolved Clashes in your work, you can navigate to the Clashes Page to view a list of Clashing Tasks across the entire programme grouped by Location. The Clashes page is one of three main components of every Aphex Planner Project that can be accessed from the Navigation Menu at the top of your project.

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