Access and Control

Your Profile Information

Your Profile is your identity in Aphex. It helps you communicate with your team, enables clear accountability of work and is used to control your Organisation Permissions and Project Permissions.

Access and Control

Only you can control your User Profile and Settings. No matter which Projects or Organisations you belong to, your Profile exists independently and separately. To manage your User Profile and Settings you can navigate to User Settings from your Profile Avatar at the top right of all Aphex pages.

Your Profile Information

Your Profile stores information that makes your identity on Aphex unique, and keeps your Account secure.


Upload a photo of yourself to put a face against a name in the plan!

2-Task Bar Colour

Here you can choose the default colour of your Task Bars and Work Areas.

3-First/Last Name

This one's pretty straight-forward! Determine how you and your work is labelled on the project.


This is the unique identifier for each Aphex Account, this is a property that cannot be changed.

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