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Quickly and effortlessly managing your Teams and Projects is now at your fingertips (yay!). Knowing your way around is key though, so below you'll find a breakdown of each section of Aphex Admin, helping you use the app effectively.

Organisation Owners can navigate to Aphex Admin from the left-hand Sidebar, accessible from the Aphex Icon in the top-left of your Aphex Project.

Opening up Admin starts you off on the Admin Console, where you can quickly access all 5 parts of the app:

1. Organisation Info

Gives access to your Organisation's basic information which can be edited as necessary.

2. Users

Opens up the Users page, where you can manage all users within your organisation.

3. Projects

Opens up the Projects page, where all projects can be managed from one location.

4. Organisation Asset Management

Gives access to each of the assets controlled at a project level.

5. Invoices

Opens the Billing page where you can see historical invoices for Organisations on paid plans

Organisation Info

1. Organisation Details

Enter the Organisation name and logo here.

2. Organisation Owner

Shows the current owner of the Organisation, usually the user that created it. The owner can be changed from here.

3. Subscription Details

Change the subscription plan your Organisation is on from here.

4. Billing detail

Enter the billing information used for paid plans here.


User Count

The total number of users and the breakdown of the Org roles they hold. For paid plans, you can also see how many free Limited Org role seats are still available.

1. User List

The table of all users within your Organisation, with a breakdown of the number of Projects they're a part of, their Organisation role, the date of their last login, and their user status.

2. Add User Button

Allows you to add new users to your Organisation


  1. Project List

The table of all Projects within your Organisation, with some basic information about them.

  1. Archive Projects Button

Allows you to Archive a selected Project removing them from the list of active Projects.

  1. Add New Button

Allows you to create a new Project or transfer a project from another Organisation.

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