Using the Map


Maps in Aphex Field

Chances are you've got a pretty good grip on where your work is happening, but we know it's tricky to pin down what else is going on around you and who's in charge of the delivery. No worries though - we've got you covered.

With Aphex Professional or Enterprise, Field will immediately show you what's going on today, specifically where each activity is taking place, and which team is working to get it done. With our premium Maps feature, see your daily Tasks laid out alongside all other work planned to take place in the same Location.

Choosing a Location

Heading to the 'Maps' page from the Sidebar will show you a collection of just your Locations. Each Task has a Location (often a site drawing or image), and inside each Location, the Tasks have a defined Work Area, the physical space the work will occupy.

The Maps available to you will be a collection of all Locations where your work is happening. If you're involved in multiple Aphex Projects, or your team uses a large number of Locations, there are a bunch of quick ways to narrow down what's appearing.

Using the Map

Once inside the Map, you'll see the exact space each Task is planned to occupy, across any given day. The rest of the team's work will appear alongside yours, making daily site co-ordination easy.

You can click any Work Area for a snapshot of the basic details - to open the Task in full, click the expand arrow button in the top corner of the pop-out.

By default, your Map will always open to Today's work. To see what's planned to happen in the future (or to take a peek into the past), the arrow buttons either side of the date will move you between days.

The 'Today' button will return you back to see work happening right now.


To see only your Tasks on the Map, simply untick the 'Show Surrounding Tasks' box. This can be toggled on and off at anytime.

To drill down the visible Tasks even further you can choose from a range of filters (like Subcontractor, Task Owner, Resources required etc)

Accessing Maps in Aphex Field

Customers on Aphex Pro or Enterprise have exclusive access to the Maps section inside Aphex Field. Teams on our Free Forever Starter Subscription can upgrade to have immediate access to all premium features (including Maps). Here's more info on how your Subscription impacts your Aphex Field experience.

If you're keen to learn more about your team's current Subscription and how to upgrade, head here!

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