This mini-guide is designed to be part of our Getting Started for Planners Guide. If some of the concepts mentioned are unfamiliar, the guide above will provide clarity.

If you're a Planner in the early stages of setting up your Project in Aphex, we'd recommend creating a Test Project (a sandpit version of the real deal). You can try out the features, create example assets, and play around with the settings and structures. You can use this environment to inform the type of routine and approach you'll take on the offical Project.

You and the Engineers can also use this as a safe place to learn and get familiar with Aphex.

How to create a Test Project

  1. Login to (or create) your Aphex account

  2. Follow the prompts to create an Organisation (if you're not already part of an existing one)

  3. Inside your Organisation, go to create a new Project

  4. You may want to title this 'Test' or 'Sandpit'

  5. You can add Users during this process, or invite them later on

What's next?

Once you've got your Test Project set up, here's what we'd suggest next:

  • Create a few example Subcontractors and Locations

  • Add a few key users who you want to involve in the set-up process

  • Try out an import (if relevant)

  • Try building a basic plan

  • After you've created the example assets, add the Engineers and have them test building and readying plans

Keep in mind that only you will be ale to see and access this Project until you choose to invite other Users.

We often see teams continue to use their Sandpit environment throughout their Aphex Journey - as new team members are added down the track, the Test Project remains a safe and open space for Users to get comfortable with the tool.

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