How to set a Reviewer

How to Review plans

When to Review plans

Reviewed Plans Summary

If you need a senior or manager to review and approve plans, you can set one user as another person's Reviewer. The Reviewer is in charge of validating that plans are ready.

How to set a reviewer

  • Open the left-hand sidebar

  • Open the Users page

  • Locate the user who requires their plan to be reviewed

  • Click the '+' button in the Reviewer column

  • Select the user who will be responsible for Reviewing and Approving their plan

How to review plans

Finding plans to review

If you have been set as a Reviewer, you will find all plans that need your approval under the 'Tasks for Review' space:

  • Open the Gantt

  • Click into the Space Selector

  • Select 'Tasks for Review'

Marking work as reviewed

Once you have Reviewed the plans you are responsible for, you are in charge of approving the user's work:

  • Open the Ready Menu from the Gantt (by clicking the X / X Reviewed) button

  • Scroll to the 'Work for Review' section

  • Mark each plan as Reviewed by using the check-boxes towards the right of the dropdown

When to review plans

Typically, teams aim for all 'Awaiting Review' plans to be Approved and Reviewed before the weekly Publication Deadline. You can find the deadline at the top of the Gantt:

How to see the Reviewed Plans Summary for the Project

You can see whose plans have been Approved, and whose plans are still Awaiting Review, by opening the Next Publication Summary:

  • Click the Publication Deadline at the top of the Gantt

  • Open the Next Publication

  • Inside the table you will find a breakdown of all Reviewed and Readied work

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