Create a new Published Version

Promise Tasks

💡 Note: Only Project Admins can Publish the Plan

Create a new Published Version

Once you are ready to Publish the Plan:

  • Open the Publications page from the Sidebar

  • Open your Next Scheduled Publication

  • Click 'Publish' to open the Publish Plan menu

  • Click 'Confirm' to Publish the Plan

The new Published Version will now be accessible to everyone in the Project and stored in your Project history.

Promise Tasks (optional)

During the Publication Process, you can choose to 'Promise Tasks' up to a specific Promised Date. Any Tasks inside the Promised Period will have the status of 'Promised'.

Any changes to Promised Tasks will require a delay reason to be recorded.

Clearing the Promised Period

It's possible to remove the Promised Status on Tasks:

  • Open the Publications page

  • Click 'Clear Promised Flags' in the top-right

  • Select the correct date

  • Click 'Clear Promised Flags'

This will return all Tasks that were Promised after your selected date back to a status of Planned and will no longer require a delay reason when changes are made.

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