Your Current Subscription

Upgrading your Current Subscription


We offer a range of extra ways to connect your wider team to the lookahead and extend access to bespoke performance analytics. Across our Aphex Apps (Planner, Insight, Admin and Field) we have three simple Subscription Plans: Starter, Professional (Pro) and Enterprise.

Aphex Subscriptions are managed by the Organisation Admins via the Admin App. Every Organisation begins on the Free Forever Starter Plan, and your whole team can be upgraded to a Subscription of your choosing right from your Organisation Admin settings.

Your Current Subscription

There are a few ways you can see what Plan your team is currently subscribed to. Firstly, every Organisation member (regardless of your permissions) can see the Plan straight from the Aphex Homepage. You'll find this labelled in the top left hand corner, right beside each Organisation you've been invited to or have created.

In addition, all Organisation Admins can see the current Subscription from the 'Organisation Info' page, and also a breakdown of any billed users from the 'Billing page'. Both pages can be accessed by following these steps:

  1. Open the Aphex Admin App

  2. Navigate to 'Organisation Info' from the Admin Homepage or the Sidebar

  3. Scroll to Subscription Details

  1. Open the Aphex Admin App

  2. Navigate to 'Billing' from the Sidebar

Upgrading your Current Subscription

When you're ready to level up your team's Aphex game, an Organisation Admin can choose to upgrade the Plan from the 'Organisation Info' or 'Billing' page. Following the same steps above, simply click the 'Edit' button and select from the Plans pop-up menu.

If you're unsure on how much upgrading would cost for your team, you can use this Estimator Tool to receive a customised forecast.

Otherwise, you're welcome to drop us a line directly on and we can go from there. We're all ears for any questions you may have, and happy to have a chat on the best plan for you and the wider team.


Can my team trial Pro before we commit to the upgrade?

Getting a purchase order signed off can be slow moving - to get things approved, you may want to showcase how the upgrades have a direct impact on your team's processes. We know this is pretty tricky to do without actually having access to the Pro version, so we offer a free 30 day trial of our Professional Plan.

Can I extend the trial?

No worries, if you need a bit of extra time, we can offer trial extensions in exchange for a little marketing or PR help. Contact us at to trade some social media love, referrals or testimonials for time on your free trial.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

Once your team moves to the paid version of Aphex Pro, you'll be billed in a regular cycle. You can find more information about Billing and a summary of the Subscription Renewal process here.

Can I cancel my team's Subscription?

If you need to cancel your paid Plan (either at the end of the free Pro trial, or from an existing billed Subscription), please contact us at

What extra resources are available to help me and my team get the most out of our Aphex Plan?

We want to make sure that you're constantly equipped with all the tools needed to make the most out of our platform, regardless of what Plan you're currently on. Access to these continuously-updated resources are at your disposal whenever you need:

  • Aphex Academy for on-demand guided training and tutorials

  • Our Help Centre for comprehensive articles on all aspects of the site

  • In-App live chat for real time human support

  • Custom training and coaching by arrangement

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