Quick Fixes

Network Issues

Having a tricky time connecting to Aphex? About to throw your device out the window in a fit of rage?

No stress, we've pulled together some useful troubleshooting steps to get you up and planning in a flash (with no computer harmed 😏 ).

Quick Fixes

Running Aphex on your browser requires your browser to be in good health. If not, it's possible that you may experience any of the following:

  • Stuck on 'Fetching Data' loading screen

  • Notification of Errors like 'Disconnected from Server' or 'Internal Server Error'

  • Unresponsive pages

  • Unresponsive actions

  • Chat / Aphex Messenger not loading

Good news! We've found most of these issues are resolved after taking some minor steps below to check the health of your browser.

  1. Turn off any browser extensions when you're accessing Aphex

  2. Ensure your browser is updated to the latest version

  3. Clear your browser's cookies/history/cache

  4. Test accessing Aphex from another browser or from an Incognito window

  5. Hard refresh Aphex in your browser

Network Access Issues

If you've given all the troubleshooting steps above a shot and you're still stuck, then it's likely some of the services or technology we require to run Aphex are being blocked by your device or company IT security.

We'd recommended unblocking and (or) whitelisting the following domains from HTTPS/SSL inspection:

  • aphex.co and subdomains: app.aphex.co, academy.aphex.co and auth.aphex.co, api.aphex.co, data.aphex.co, help.aphex,co

  • .cloudfunctions.net

Also, if it's specifically the Aphex Chat Messenger that's not loading, unblocking and(or) whitelisting these domains from HTTPS/SSL inspection should do the trick:

  • api-iam.intercom.io

  • widget.intercom.io

If you'd like a hand liaising with your company's IT tech to get things diagnosed and sorted, we're more than happy to help! Feel free to copy us in, or drop us a line directly on hello@aphex.co 😎

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