This guide will cover connecting your ArcGIS account, adding layers to your Aphex Locations and managing the integration.

Things to know before you get started:

  • This feature is available on Pro+ or Enterprise plans

  • You need to be a Project Admin to set up the integration

Connecting an ArcGIS layer source

Both private and public layer sources from ESRI ArcGIS can be used as a canvas for mapping in Aphex. Each Aphex Location will accept up to 10 ArcGIS layer sources.

Here's how to connect an ArcGIS layer to an Aphex Location:

  • Click the Aphex icon and pick Manage Project Assets

  • Open the Locations page and click Create Location

  • Enter a name for your Location

  • Choose Map Space Location, then hit Add Location

  • Under the Location that you just created, click Add Layer

  • Paste in the URL of your ArcGIS layer, then click Validate

  • Confirm the layer details

If you're adding a private layer, you'll need to enter your credentials before hitting 'Connect'

Find your ArcGIS layer URL

The ArcGIS URL will commonly appear in a format similar to the below;


The URL should be the page URL of the Item Details pages:

Supported ArcGIS Layers

At this stage, Aphex supports the following ArcGIS layer types:

  • Feature Layers

  • Map Image Layers

  • Tile Layers

If you are unsure of your layer type, this can be found on the Item Details page in ArcGIS.

Any custom styling configured on a layer in ArcGIS will not show in Aphex.

Manage ArcGIS Integration

You can view and remove all connected ArcGIS accounts from the Integrations page.

Disconnecting an account will remove all ArcGIS layers accessed through the credentials. Only Project Admins can create or remove connected sources.

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